Serena® Motorized Roller Blind System

1Serena 100
Serena® Roller Blind System was introduced in 2013. It was mainly intended for the construction market. The idea was to create a system that is easy to install and can cope with the larger dimensions required throughout the construction market as the windows in the region are generally larger than in other regions.

Since the beginning, the system has continuously been upgraded and improved for easier usage and future upgrades. Currently it is the only roller system in the market that can be upgraded from a Salire™ Manual Roller Blind System to a Serena® motorized system by simply adding the motor to the system instead of the gear. This unique feature allows users to upgrade in a later phase without having to replace the entire blind, which is common for other roller systems available.

When using the Serena® motorization program from Euro Systems® you can upgrade your Salire™ manual blind with all the comfort a motorization provides. The Serena® motor and control program offers a large variation of control options from remote or smartphone till complete building control.

When motorized with Serena® the variety of sizes that can be build increases to include the Serena® 170 series, which can take double height windows up to 9 m in height.

Serena® motorized roller blind series consist of:

- Serena® 100

- Serena® 170

The Serena® series comes with a 10 year warranty on the entire system (see warranty terms and conditions). For the fabrics, minimum a one year warranty is offered.


Note. All warranties by Euro Systems® are non-depreciating.


Key Features

Easy upgrade to Salire™ Manual System
Serena® motorized blinds can be controlled by a smart device

Euro Systems has a wide range of Sectional Overhead Doors.

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