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Wooden Blinds

Made from natural wooden slats that overlap when the blind is shut just like Venetian blinds, Wooden blinds tend to offer more control over the light entering your room than other solutions – simply because they don't need to be raised for the sunlight to reach the interior. Choose these blinds, and you won't have to compromise on your privacy when filling your rooms with light.

Wooden blinds are also excellent for controlling lighting and a top choice for rooms like studies. They bring a touch of elegance to interiors and are perfect for complementing sophisticated styles. If your home is decorated with wood, they are a stylish option for light control.

Moreover, Wooden blinds are easy to redecorate or refurbish. You can refresh the look of your room by cleaning them with a cloth. You can clean the blinds without the need of taking them down entirely, or uncomfortably holding the shades with one hand and wiping them with the other.

Our Wooden blinds are made from basswood brought from Europe and the Far East. We offer a range of personalization options including corded or cordless cloth tapes that come with premium valances. These natural and elegant blinds provide a warm and lush look in a range of interiors without compromising on quality or functionality.

Our Wooden blinds can be your first step toward a smart home as well — we can add our Serena® motorization to enable controlling the blinds with a smartphone or to our Crestron automation system.


Key Features


Our Wooden Blinds come equipped with our standard Salire® Manual System.


Easily upgradable to Serena® Motorization System and be controlled with a variety of different control options.


Wooden Blinds by Euro Systems® can also be integrated with most home automation system.


Combination of privacy and light control.


Our Wooden Blinds are safe in a child friendly environment.

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