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Over the years many studies have been conducted on good room acoustics and what is required to decrease the impact of sounds reflecting off floors and walls. In order to select the correct acoustic material, you need to know about how they reflect and diffuse sound waves.

Smooth surfaces like glass, smooth walls and stone floors create more echoes and reflection than rough surfaces do. However a room filled with absorbing materials does not provide a perfect room for acoustics, there has to be a balance of diffusion and absorption.

The acoustics systems we offer consist of a unique combination of highly effective sound absorption with flexibility in design. They aim to reduce and control the reverberation time. When controlling the reverberation time of sound waves, the results will create a pleasant acoustic room climate.

Our acoustic solutions are made to last and they age well. When not exposed to extreme stress, the surfaces will have a fresh and homogeneous look after many years of use. More importantly, the ageing process will not have any adverse effect on the acoustic performance of the product. In case of visible wear on the product, it is easily maintained and repaired.

Our Acoustic products are environmentally friendly and sustainable as they are they contain up to 95 % recycled materials and has a 0 VOC level. The recycled materials consist of post-consumer glass and natural minerals like marble which enables it to give credit points in 9 LEED categories.

Compared to other products our acoustic ceilings come in a wide range of colours and upon request special colours as per RAL colour scheme can be ordered. The application process is unique yet simple and can be applied in new and pre-existing buildings as well as wellness centers and wet areas.

For more information on our Acoustic ceilings, please visit our partner Baswa Acoustic

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Acoustic Ceilings from Euro Systems can be used in several different areas


Euro Systems offers many different surface finishes


Acoustic ceilings from Euro Systems improves the acoustic performance of the room


Colours can be chosen from a large selection of RAL colours available.

LEED credits in 11 categories possible


98% recyclable material


NRC upto 0.95 ASTM C423


FR ASTM E 84 for hospitality

Compliant with California Section 01350


Light reflection value 0.79 ASTM E 1447-98


Seamless sound absorbing Plaster, Designed with Health in Mind