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Euro Systems®️ skylight shades are a great choice to improve your home decor and energy efficiency. You can enjoy natural views whilst adding space to your living area. We create our shading systems using fabrics produced in a wide range of colors and materials to offer homeowners full customization options. Our shades are equipped with a smart Serena® motorization system for smooth operation and movement. You can control these shades from anywhere in a room using a remote control or your smartphone.

Large, glazed or open areas such as atriums or winter gardens are a common feature of homes today. By introducing skylights to your home design, you will instantly allow natural sunlight to lit the indoor space and make the room seem more spacious.

There are plenty of skylight styles you can choose from - horizontal, sloped, or arched glass roofs that offer homeowners a great opportunity for creative design. However, skylights that are not equipped with shading systems may bring disadvantages such as excessive light or overheat.

We help you eliminate this problem with our skylight shading systems and let you fully enjoy your glazed areas. It is an excellent solution for protecting rooms from excessive heat, as well as guaranteeing full privacy to residents.




Protects your furniture from UV light 


Skylight Shading Systems comes equipped with Serena® Motorization System


Our Skylight shading Systems can also be integrated with most home automation systems


Reduces heat and solar glare

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