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Whether you are looking for drapery or curtains, Euro Systems® provides you with the solution. With our special blackout coated fabric selection we can even offer you a light version of drapery without compromising the blackout you need for a good night’s sleep.

For your curtain or drapery, we offer a variety of folds like SWING, Pinch or pencil pleats for you to choose from. Combined with the vast assortment of tracks and poles you can design your own magnificent décor.

For operating your curtain, there are different manual options:
- Hand operated
- Cord operated
- Motorized

The hand-drawn curtain can be equipped with a wand to pull the fabric, or you simply pull it with your hand. The cord operated curtain has a unique pulley that moves the fabric when the cords are being operated.

With our Serena® motorization your curtains will come alive in more than just one way. The control options available varies from simple remote control till fully home automation at your fingertip and convenience with smartphone, tablet or laptop. For the extravagant solution sensors for movement or sunlight can be added if you want an extra couple of minutes in bed in the morning.

All curtains can be either one way or two way split as per your requirements and desires. A two-way opening curtain, however, will split the stacking of fabric on both sides hence allowing more window space compared to a one-way opening.

To view our drapery fabric collection, please visit our partner website.




Our Curtains come equipped with our standard Salire® Manual System

Upgradable to Serena® Motorization System and can be controlled with a variety of control options.

Curtains by Euro Systems can also be integrated with most any non-proprietary home automation system

Combination of privacy and light control

Blackout coated fabric collection

Light and heavy Duty

Touch and go function

Flexible motor position (4 in total)

Permanent positioning sensor, keeps end stop during power failure

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