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Pergolas create a light and inviting space to relax outside the house. They are often freestanding structures that add to the appeal of any home. But they can also be attached to a building and create a shaded outdoor space you can enjoy at all times. A Pergola is bound to make your outdoor space more attractive. Our Pergolas also maximize the usable outdoor space, which you can use to, for instance, protect outdoor furniture from the environment. A freestanding pergola provides similar benefits to a patio. You can also decide how much sunlight and shade you would like your pergola to provide by observing the area where you plan to place it.

Pergola System

At Euro Systems, we provide our customers with a wide range of designs and options to help them find one that is ideally suited to their landscape design. Pergolas provide full protection against rain, UV rays, and heat thanks to efficient fabrics including block-out PVC materials. Our pergolas also come with built in LED lights giving you the option to choose a colour scheme according to your mood and feel to create the perfect ambiance. Decorate your garden with a pergola to make your outdoor space even more enjoyable!

Spire Pergola
Spire is a self-supporting bioclimatic pergola engineered with powder coated extruded aluminum and adjustable blade roof. Available in self-bearing or leaning version, the pergola system features blades that can be turned from 0° to 120°.

Providing functional performance with minimalist style, our Spire pergola is the perfect shading system for outdoors irrespective of weather conditions, all the year round. Fully automated, Spire can automatically respond to climatic conditions by adjusting the position of the louvers to achieve effective protection or a natural and ecological cooling.

Opus Pergola
Opus is our retractable Pergola system with block-out PVC fabric that resists UV rays and water.‎ Its versatile design features horizontal beams, perpendicular to the posts as well as powder coated aluminum profile and aluminum die cast parts. Furthermore, the curved system of cloth profiles allows the water to drain to the perimetric structure during the rainy season.

Rectanguar Louvered Pergola



Pergolas provides protection from the sun


Our Pergolas are motorized and controlled by a remote


Pergolas from Euro Systems can also be controlled by a smartphone or tablet device


Our Pergola can also be equipped with Sun+Rain+Wind sensors.

LED Lighting

Our Pergola can also be equipped with led lighting


Our Pergola can also be equipped with surround sound speakers to give you a truly visual experience.


Glazing option for sides available.

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