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For architects and designers, a skylight or winter garden offers the possibility of bringing as much natural daylight into the building as possible. The massive benefit of a skylight is at the same time also its biggest downside. When allowing direct sunlight to penetrate through large window areas the heat is also allowed entering the building, causing a significant challenge not only for the people inside but also the HVAC system.

For this reason, Euro Systems® has unique systems designed to cover large window areas and offering shade and cooler indoor environment, to the satisfaction of people benefiting of the glazed area. We provide Solange® specialty shades for atypical openings and large windows.

Using special aluminium profiles, without any intermediate supports, openings up to 4 meters in width can easily be covered whilst maintaining the light and open atmosphere of a skylight.

Our winter garden system is suitable for horizontal, curved and sloping glazed designs including atrium roofs, conservatories etc. For smaller openings or lightweight fabrics, a standard system designed for straight applications can be installed.

Our skylight system is equipped with our Serena® motorization which can be connected to almost any home automation system.

The system is designed and particularly suited for screen fabrics in a variety of openness factors for effective solar and heat control, but if required it can also be manufactured with a blackout fabric.

Download technical data sheets and brochure at this link Solange®

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Reduces heat and solar glare


24 V and 230 V motors


Comes equipped with standard Serena® motorization system


Slingle or Split fabric package.


Trapezoid shapes possible.


Up to 16 m in length.

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