Residential - Interior - Vertical blinds
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Residential - Interior - Vertical Blinds
Residential - Interior - Vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds

If your windows are large and let in a lot of sunlight into your home, you need to find a solution to control the amount of incoming sunrays. Vertical blinds are yet another type of window decoration that allows to keep the sun out with minimal effort.

Remember that sunlight not only makes the room warm but also fades and damages furniture. Your beautiful sofas and chairs will not survive continued exposure to the sun. That's why it's smart to reduce the amount of natural light entering your rooms with vertical blinds that can diverge or completely block the rays to preserve your furniture in the best condition.

Our vertical blinds offer full creativity and flexibility with louvers that can be rotated up to 158 degrees for privacy and sunlight control. Vertical blinds are excellent if you'd like to cool down your rooms as well.

We can equip the blinds are equipped with Salire® manual system by a cord or ball chain, as well as smart Serena® motorization that can be connected to our Crestron home automation system for ease of use. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and colour schemes to complement the style of your home with fantastic shading.

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Key Features


Our Vertical Blinds come equipped with our standard Salire®
Manual System.

Easily upgradable to Serena® Motorization System and be
controlled with a variety of different control options.


Vertical Blinds by Euro Systems® can also be integrated with
most home automation system.

Suitable for Large Windows.


Mix fabrics to create your own design.


Our Vertical Blinds are safe in a child friendly environment.

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