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Residential - Exterior - Roller Shutter

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are a curtain of interlocking slats that form a continuous hinge across their entire width, allowing homeowners to operate the shutter up or down easily. They are a convenient option for villas because they can be integrated and concealed into the wall.

Roller shutters ensure maximum privacy and improve the security of your home. They are also excellent for noise reduction of exterior sounds. Roller shutters help homeowners in lighting control as well.

Finally, they are also excellent for energy saving purposes as they help protect interiors from excessive heat. Shutters will increase the efficiency of your house, as they reduce the heat from entering hence lowering your electrical bill.

Euro System® roller shutters come in different colors and types to suit the style of every home. Moreover, they are equipped with the motorization system Serena® to allow an effortless operation of the shutter with a remote control or your home automation system.

At Euro Systems®, we take extra care to ensure that our roller shutters provide homeowners with all the benefits without compromising on aesthetic value.


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Key Features


Euro Systems® has a wide range of Garage door designs.


Our Roller Shutters are motorized and controlled by a remote.


Roller Shutters from Euro Systems® can also be controlled by a
smartphone or tablet device.


Euro Systems® has a wide range of Roller Shutters for several
different applications.

Euro Systems® has an extensive range of RAL colours to choose


Can be incorporated into wall (invisible installation).


Combination with Fly screen or Roller is possible.

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