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Curtain walls are designed to position externally from the primary structure and has the advantages of relying less on building structural tolerances for installation. The “Curtain walling” is related to external glass such as Thermal expansion and contraction: building structure say and movement: water diversion: and the thermal efficiency for cost-effective heating, cooling and lighting in the building.

Euro Systems® Curtain walls systems are designed to suit an extensive variety of performance. Operational, aesthetic and glazing requirements.

The application of curtain wall glazing instantly being used at high rise commercial and residential towers, institutional and Monumental building, Shopping malls and Hotel developments. The curtain wall is characterized with coloured vision and spandrel glass areas, a grid of aluminium caps and most recently with metal or stone spandrel covers. It is also combined with other types of cladding systems such as precast, brick or stone to create attractive and durable building facades.

The curtain wall comprises a complete cladding and exterior wall system with the exception of the indoor fishes. It is generally assembled from aluminium frames, vision glass and spandrel glass (or metal or stone) panels to enclose a building from grade to the roof. It is available in three system types to include the stick built system, the unitized ( or panel) system and the structural glazing system( capless vertical joints). The glass and aluminium curtain wall is designed to resist wind and earthquake loads, to limit air leakage, control vapor diffusion, present rain penetration, prevent surface and cavity condensation and limit excessive heat loss or heat gain. It is further designed to resist noise and fire.

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Stick system


Unitized system


Curtain wall

Looks like Mashrabiya


Slim profile design.


More natural sunlight ( due to slim profile)


Continuous gasket for thermal and water protection.


Low energy glazing option.

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