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Glazed (glass) canopies come in two design philosophies – Structurally glazed and mechanically engaged. Canopy design styles are overhead glazed with spider fittings or engineering fittings on top of the primary structure. The spider fittings require a drilled hole in particular engineered laminated glass that suspends it at each fixing point. The glass panels are jointed with clear silicone to provide a monolithic glass appearance.

Due to exposure to open space, high wind pressure, seismic and live load, these type of systems are specially designed to withstand these conditions. Glass is a material that can incorporate a broad range of artwork, e.g. ceramic screen patterns, etched designs, images, photographic half-tones. We can supply the laminated glass with a PVB, Urethane or cast-in-place resin interlayer.

Unique, custom structures such as glass skylights, canopies, facades, entrances, storefronts, curtain walls, and others add a touch of exceptional beauty and expansive visibility to any construction project. For exterior installation we recommend stainless steel components.

Euro Systems® provides a safe, functional, durable, weather-resistant glass structure that can withstand wind and seismic loads, as well as thermal expansion and contraction. To do that we address the unique parameters and requirements of each design. It is important that unique glass structures are designed and fabricated by a single, knowledgeable entity assuming complete responsibility for the design.