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Car Park Shades 

Our custom-made shade structures offer many advantages over other types of outdoor parking solutions. Covering your parking lot with a shade structure is a smart move. You will protect your car from solar radiation and UV rays, as well as wind, rain, or dust.

Adding on, shaded parking structures protect vehicles from the sun and heat, helping to reduce the temperature and create a more refreshing environment for vehicles. Car park shades are also excellent for ensuring top security, especially if you combine them with lighting features.

Euro Systems® provides you with stylish, custom-made shade structures that help protect vehicles from the sun and heat, creating a more refreshing environment. Our shades are structures that provide an attractive, eye-catching element to any home. We create them from various materials to ensure that our customers can find a matching style easily. We offer shades in different fabrics such as HDPE , PVC or PTFE for top functionality.

Our made to measure car park shade can be customized in a variety of configurations regardless of how large or small your car parking is. Custom made car park shades from Euro Systems are sure to bring a sophisticated source of shade, protect your cars, and significantly upgrade your outdoors.


Powerful Car Park Shades

Car park shades also offer top security, especially when combined with appropriate lighting features. We use innovative, high-quality materials, e.g. HDPE and PVC to ensure that our customers find an ideal solution for their homes. Our team of designers is ready to create a shade for you and provide you with an optimal space to keep your car.

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Residential car park shade project completed by Euro Systems for a private client.

Features & Benefits

Our shades are an eye-catching addition to any home. They provide plenty of features such us:

  • HDPE and PVC durable fabric.
  • Our Carpark Shades also helps with protecting your car from harsh weather conditions. 
  • Keeps your car cool in the summer.
  • High Solar protection
  • Custom designs

Moon Island -3 (1)

We have installed this custom-made car park shade for one of our clients. To make this high-end car park shading structure, we created a unique design to suit the modern design of our client’s villa to provide maximum solar protection whilst improving the aesthetics value of the outdoors.