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handrails and balustrades

As per Euro Systems® philosophy of continuing research and development, our Handrail and Balustrade system is the first in a series of product programs to feature intelligent-engineered elements. These special components provide a logical solution to the complex challenges faced by a modular concept and despite their intricate compositions; outer appearances always maintain the distinctive minimalism associated with all Euro Systems® products. The system designed and developed by Euro Systems® is manufactured in high-grade AISI 316 authentic stainless steel. Due to its corrosion resistance, stainless steel handrails and balustrades retain their appearance with only minimum maintenance and without the need for chemical coatings of any kind.

The colours are carefully selected to provide the planners with plenty of room for creative manoeuvres.


Our products accompany our customers throughout their lives. With this in mind, the product collections are mutually integrating and are held in stock for an extended period. Our products can be enhanced and adapted, thus offering security in terms of planning and investment. Our Contracts Division provides a total supply and fix package for handrails and balustrades from initial conception through to final installation. The package includes technical advice, preparation of specifications, quotation, site measurement, AutoCAD drawings, site fixing programme and project management through to final installation.

handrails and balustrades-6.jpg

Key Features

Customized design options

Many different finishes e.g. brushed aluminium


Laminated glass for extra safety

Complies with DCD requirements for safety