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Salire 100-1
Salire® Manual Roller Blind System was introduced in 2013. It was mainly intended for the construction market. The idea was to create a system that is easy to install and can cope with the larger dimensions required throughout the construction market as the windows in the region are generally larger than in other regions.

Due to the different brackets available the Salire® manual and Serena® motorized systems can be used in a large variety of situations and with different fabrics. This allows uniform appearance even with different dimensions and demands.

Double Shade

SECTION 2 ROLLER BLIND SECTION 29-05-2018-4With the Salire® system it is possible to have several blinds controlled by a single operating clutch. This solution is an economical solution where several windows in a straight line have to be covered with screen or blackout blinds. In addition, these can be covered by the fascia to ensure single front by multiple blinds. Maximum area that can be covered by multi-banding is 16 m²


The Salire® 100 series comes with a 10 year warranty on the entire system (see warranty terms and conditions). For the fabrics, minimum a one year warranty is offered. While the Salire®45 comes with 5 year of warranty, with 1 year warranty for fabrics.


Note. All warranties by Euro Systems® are non-depreciating.




Our Salire® Roller Blinds are easily upgradable to Serena® Motorization System.


Sustainable fabric collection

LED Lighting

LED lighting in pockets


Combination of privacy and light control

child safety

Our Roller Blinds are child friendly.

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