Acessories - Pockets

Euro Systems offers a complete range of pockets and accessories, which allow Salire™ and Serena® blinds to be integrated into the ceiling for concealment above the ceiling. Pockets are available for single and double blinds systems ensuring the least amount of space being used as possible. The pocket accessories include a wide range of removable enclosures that allows for visual aesthetic of the rollers and minimize reveal whilst allowing the hem bar passing through, providing clean lines and a tile support for the ceiling grid.




 The standard pockets can be used for both the Salire™ and Serena® roller systems either as single blinds or double blinds. The P120 pocket is for single blinds and the P150 is used for Serena® motorized blinds, where the demand is to hide control equipment inside the pocket along with the blind.

 The P215 pocket is for use with the Euro Systems double bracket for a combination of blackout and screen fabric.

The standard pocket, made of extruded aluminum, can be equipped with return air holes to ensure correct venting as the ventilation is increased by greater air movement through the return plenum. This reduces the thermal stress on the glass as well as solar heat build-up at the window wall.


Optima pocket

Euro Systems “Optima pocket” design provides the option of concealing the blinds above the ceiling inexpensively and having the same return air return aircapabilities of the standard pocket. By use of wall angles SalireTM and Serena® brackets can be integrated to the ceiling grid, or one can simply stop the ceiling several cm from the window wall. Euro Systems aluminum enclosure mounts and enclosure angels can be integrated to provide the same trim pieces as the standard pocket.

The “Optima pocket” design can be an especially important cost saving in base building design, where large quantities may be required.

 Note. The Optima pocket Diagram is for example only and should not be used as an installation guide.


Custom pockets

Custom designed pockets from bent 2 mm aluminum with accessories are available for specific projects. Size and quantity will dictate whether a custom pocket design will be extruded aluminum or bent steel. 




For all pockets standard or custom made, we offer enclosures made of extruded aluminum, to provide an aesthetical solution for your project, hiding the entire roller system visibility from below. All enclosures are sold separately.