guide wire 1When a roller blind exceeds a width to height ratio of 1:6 Euro Systems® provides the blinds with a guide wire to ensure correct guidance of the fabric in safe distance from window and mullions.

The guide wire solution is also used when windows are inclined up to an angle of 15 degrees to ensure correct protection against solar transmission on the entire window surface.

Guide wires can also be used on exterior blinds, but recommended is to use a zipper channel for the exterior blinds.

The standard bracket for Salire™ and Serena® blinds are pre-equipped with fitting option for the guide wire solution hence the guide wire can also be added a erwards if needed without any change of existing blinds with exposed hem bar.

The foot for guide wire can be installed in different ways as per site conditions directly to the sill, on the recess or directly to the wall. The images show the different installation methods for the foot for guide wire.

Guidewire bottom

The guide wire is made of SS which should be PVC coated and 1,5 mm in diameter for interior blinds. For monumental shades like Serena® 170 the guide wire is 8 mm in thickness and without coating. For exterior blinds the SS guide wire has to be minimum 3 mm in diameter.

Guide wire can be used for the manual Salire® roller system as well as for motorized Serena® roller systems. Due to the guide wire installation the light gap will slightly increase to ensure free movement of the fabric along the wire. Furthermore with a guide wire solution the hem bar will be exposed to accommodate the special end caps needed for this solution.

Edge clearence SALIRE-1 Edge clearence SERENA-1