Wire Guided Horizontal Or Vertical Blind

The Solange® 100 is a wire-guided horizontal or vertical shading system that offers a
clean-cut design to blend in with any building. This internal tensioned blind is perfect for
covering large rectangular glass surfaces. Furthermore, it provides shading under both
horizontal and sloped buildings which makes it suitable for spacious shops, hotels,
offices and airports.

The fabric roller contains both electric motor and single barrel tension mechanism to maintain fabric under permanent tension so that it easily deploys and retracts. The system also incorporates a hembar that is guided along stainless steel cables, discreet wire guides as well as flexible brackets to accommodate a variety of glazing and enable installation for any angle and any direction.
We offer three types of configurations top fix, back fix or side fix to enable a smooth fitting in any direction, any angle.




Euro Systems provides a wide range of fabrics and colors to customize Solange® 100 shading systems.


Our Solange 100 systems offer aluminium components finished in the standard polyester powder finish, 30% gloss. 


Available with either top-fix or face fix roller brackets and with a return pulley bracket for side/face fixing or top fix.

Horizontal and Sloping glazing applications

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