Commercial - Passive Fire Protection - Fire Curtains
Commercial - Passive Fire Protection - Fire Curtains
Commercial - Passive Fire Protection - Fire Curtains
Commercial - Passive Fire Protection - Fire Curtains


If the objective is to contain the fire from spreading, fire curtains with different classification are used for containment. Fire curtains provide separation between two areas and might provide smoke control at the same time, even though this is not the primary purpose. Fire curtains usually are used to protect escape routes.

A fire curtain consists of a flexible fire-resistant fabric, which is attached to a circular tube and when receiving a signal from a fire alarm or losses its power supply, it will automatically deploy towards the floor by the use of gravity. New innovative fire curtains can also have pleated fabric attached to a steel frame, which will deploy under the same circumstances as standard fire curtains would do. With these curtains, special shapes can be achieved to close even escalators and polygon shaped openings.

Flexibility is the defining characteristic of this fire curtain. Available in large dimensions, this vertically deploying solution is suitable for atrium separation, openings in walls, and specialty enclosures where fire-rated protection is required.

System Operation:

The system is deployed upon a signal from the local smoke detection system or from a smoke control panel. System power requirement is 120-volt AC. The unit is also equipped with a 24-volt DC battery back-up system that is maintained by the electronic controls. When required the system can also be connected to building standby power. The controls include a universal power supply that can be adapted to foreign electrical current requirements.



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