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In warehouses, production facilities and airports, conveyor systems are used to transport different kinds of material around the building. If these materials catch fire and are transported around freely, the fire can spread very fast to other parts of the building and turn it into an inferno in a very short period of time. For these situations, specially designed fire protection systems can be installed to protect equipment, material and personnel.

Due to several industrial revolutions, handling of goods and other materials has been optimized to use minimal labour and increase efficiency of order-fulfillment with the functionality of conveyor systems. These conveyor systems “float” across large spaces and rooms in a number of buildings like airports, warehouses and production facilities.

Even though their main objective is to move pallets, suitcases or packages they can also move smoke and re from one location to another either due to the opening in the wall or products on fire moving along the conveyor system.

A conveyor system closure must fulfill many additional requirements compared with a re protection gate. Closure tested according to a special standard DIN EN 1366-7 with substantially higher requirements in relation to the test standard for gates, DIN EN 1634-1 (e.g. higher furnace pressures so that the installation is permitted in higher situations as well as necessary sealing by conveyor technique etc.)

The conveyor systems are also designed for high cycles of up to 200.000 and more if required.
We equip our conveyor systems with decentralized emergency power supply to clear the closing area also in case of power failure.

In order to ensure fire safety in these locations Euro Systems has several solutions depending on location and/or demands of the building.



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