Euro Systems® Panel Blinds Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, UAE. Doha, Qatar. Kuwait


The panel blind has its origin in Asia. Today, the Far Eastern tradition of play with light and shadow is a fixed part of modern room concepts. Take pleasure of the extra space with various transparent fabric and motorization options available.

Standard panel blind systems only move the panels from one side and stacks all the panels behind each other. The unique Lacuno panel system, developed by Euro Systems®, gives you complete freedom for positioning the panels – creating your own visual effect in the room. With the Lacuno system, each panel is completely individual in positioning across the panel rail, and you can move a single panel from one side of the room to the other giving more options for adjusting the light transmission and atmosphere in the room, the designer’s choice.

Mixing the fabric transparency gives you unlimited options of using the panel blind in your interior design either as a great eye catcher at your balcony doors, a subtle adding of colours to your standard white walls or use it as a room divider when you need an extra room or just want to skip cleaning up after the kids and hide their toys.

Euro Systems® offers you, according to the range of application, fabric qualities with different steps of transparency. Delicate tissue structures, stylish burners or transparent motif prints are suitable for decoration purposes. If you on the other side want an effective privacy shield, you should choose an opaque material.

Euro Systems® Panel Blinds Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, UAE. Doha, Qatar. Kuwait



Our Panel Blinds come equipped with our standard Salire® Manual System

Our Panel Blinds are easily upgradable to Serena® Motorization System and be controlled with a variety of different control options.

Panel Blinds by Euro Systems®  can also be integrated with most any non-proprietary home automation system

Flexible panel movement

Can be used as a room divider

Bendable track available

Transparent fabric carriers optional

Symmetrical and asymmetrical stacking options

3D shaped panels

Unlimited widths possible

Fascia available

Our Panel Blinds are safe in a child friendly environment.

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