Why specialty shades are perfect for large windows

Architects have become more imaginative and creative with structural elements, such as unusual windows, roofs, and skylights. These structures are uneven and aesthetically pleasing, however create issues for window shading. The unique facades being designed these days require special shading solutions. Solange® specialty shades from Euro Systems® addresses these complex designs by providing customized shading solutions which are specially required in countries like UAE, Qatar and Kuwait by providing heat and solar glare protection.

Our Solange® specialty shade installation at Sharjah Digital Library.Solange (5)Application possibilities of Solange® specialty shading system.

An innovative shading solution that can be modified to any shape, size, and configuration. Suitable for horizontal, curved, and sloping glazed designs including skylights and atrium roof. At Euro Systems® we provide Solange®, a strong, robust, and reliable specialty shades system. It is an upgrade from the limitation of your regular roller blinds and can go up to 16m in length. The discrete guides of this versatile interior system make it the ideal solution for your large windows. Our skylight system is equipped with our Serena® motorization, which can connect to any home automation system. 

Solange® specialty shades covering a range of atypical roofs and windows

This shading system is designed and particularly suited for screen fabrics with different openness factors for effective solar and heat control. It provides protection from the sunlight and a cooler indoor environment. This system is dynamic and can be customized for both residential and commercial applications.

Specialty shades provide a bespoke design that enables optimal fabric coverage and system integration. There are numerous patterns, sizes, and colors to choose from. The designs cater to various area sizes and dimensions. We can modify each shade as per the shading requirements and incorporate a unique design element for your interior shading. 

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