Benefits of battery operated blinds

Interior home shading is the best way to personalize your space while also adding elegance, style, and functionality. There are numerous options for creating the ideal shading for your home. Curtains and blinds are available in a variety of colors and styles, as well as functionalities. These blinds can be manual or motorized, depending on the user's preference.

Battery operated blinds are one of the most popular solutions for motorized shading as they require no permanent connection to main power. Below are few reasons why they are so useful.

Battery operated vertical blinds

100% Wireless

Battery-powered blinds have the advantage of not requiring unsightly wires. Battery blinds are completely wireless and eliminate the need for a power outlet nearby.

Energy Efficient

Battery-operated blinds are extremely energy efficient and require very little power to operate. The environmental impact is minimal, and the batteries last a long time with normal use.

Good for hard-to-reach windows

Battery-operated blinds are ideal for windows that are difficult to reach or are located high up, where wiring a power source is difficult.

Easy Installation

No power source is needed near these blinds, making it easy to install. Wires are not needed and the blinds can be used with a remote.

Very Quiet

These blinds are very quiet and do not disturb the surrounding environment while in use, providing a beautiful and peaceful experience.

Long lasting

The battery powers the small motorized unit that gently turns the roller to open or close the blind. The batteries are concealed and can run for an extended period of time without requiring frequent battery changes.

Battery operated vision blinds

Battery operated blinds are not only energy efficient but also easy to replace and use. Euro Systems® provides this hassle free and innovate solution for your interior shading in UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.

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