solange 200


The Perfect Shading System For Extra-Large Spaces.

Solange® 200 is an extra large internal tensioned shade that can cover up to 60 sqm with a single
mechanism. The discrete guides of this versatile interior shading make it the ideal solution for large
horizontal, vertical and sloping glazing in convention centers, airports and spacious buildings. These
heavy-duty blinds are specially designed to be reliable and hardwearing in large-scale commercial
projects which require tailor made solutions.

The Solange® 200 is a robust shading system offering a twin barrel tension mechanism. Motor and fabric are formed and held into a single fabric roller (the main barrel). The system includes a powerful motor, a take-up roller incorporating the tension mechanism and a tension spring to keep the fabric under permanent tension for a smooth retraction.

The motor and a take-up roller are mounted in an H-frame with one tension cable to enable the smooth fitting of the blind. Furthermore, the system comprises a hembar which is guided along stainless steel cables that seamlessly merge with the background.

The Solange® 200 blind offers curves and special shapes, while the fabric can be rectangular or trapezoidal to suit a variety of glazing. It also can be fitted up a slope or following a curve with the same tension, since it is mounted on strong brackets to ensure its configuration for any angle, any direction, anywhere.

darling quarter solange 200


Large window coverage in one complete system along with One single fabric coverage up to 60m2
Adjustable mounting brackets tracking alignment, making te shade strong, robust and reliable
Horizontal and Sloping glazing applications

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