Spire Bioclimatic Pergola by Euro Systems®

Spire is a bioclimatic pergola system that has a linear and minimalist design. Its roof is composed of rotating aluminium slats that can be turned from 0° to 120°, creating a completely waterproof covering when closed. Its modular design allows for the integration of fixed glass walls, sliding doors and roller blinds as well as AC unit and LED lights for a truly sophisticated bespoke outdoor living


The smart design allows the aluminium blades to remain in contact with the frame throughout the entire motion, eliminating gaps and water leaks. The rotating slats offer rain and sun protection when closed, whilst creating natural ventilation and light control when opened.

We can transform almost any commercial and residential outdoor space by designing beautiful and durable pergolas with limitless configurations. The extruded aluminum louvered roof as well as the aluminum frame are available in a powder coated finish with a range of standard RAL colours to meet specific requirements.

Our bioclimatic pergola is rainproof and available in self-bearing or wall leaning version. Fully automated, Spire can automatically respond to climatic conditions by adjusting the position of the rotating slats to achieve effective sun protection, shelter from the rain and unbridled sunshine. Its versatile design makes it the perfect fit to any outdoor living.




Pergolas provide protection from the sun.


Our Pergola can also be equipped with Sun+Rain+Wind sensors.

Our Pergola can also be equipped with surround sound speakers to give you a truly visual experience.

Our Pergolas come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Glazing option for sides available.

Bio – Climatic option available

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