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Introducing our new skylight blinds: Solange® Series

Seeing the correct balance of light in your space is a great feeling, whilst applying screen shades on glass windows. The screen blinds create a beautiful yet sophisticated look, but combined with a skylight, they will bring outstanding performance.

The Solange® shading systems are heavy duty blinds that help to reduce heat and UV rays.

To customize our specialty shading systems, we provide high-end woven screen fabrics, along with tension cable, fabric roller tube incorporating both fabric and motor and aluminium hembar, ensuring strength and durability.

Installing the Solange® blinds in huge buildings requires aluminium brackets and return pulley brackets for side/face fix or top fix configuration.

The Solange® systems are available in a variety of shapes: trapezoidal, rectangular and triangular, and accommodate multiple glazing directions.

Euro Systems® specialty shading solutions include:

Solange® 100: A rectangular tensioned blind that blends in with any building direction.

Solange® 200: An internal tensioned blind that offers strength and durability to cover large spaces. 

Solange® 300: An extra large shading system with a vertical drop feature, engineered for huge buildings.

Solange® 500: Horizontal shading using flat or festooned fabric panels

Solange® 600: A rectangular tensioned blackout blind with a side lock mechanism for horizontal and sloping glazing applications





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Reduces heat and solar glare


24 V and 230 V motors


Up to 16 m in length.


Comes equipped with standard Serena® motorization system


Single or Split fabric package.


Trapezoid shapes possible.