If you are looking to create a natural, illuminated space, a glass house is a top pick. Glass houses are built with minimalistic walls and sturdy glass framing. It may sound exclusive, but we assure you that a glass house is entirely within your reach.

Most of the time, glass houses are equally beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. They are often aesthetically appealing because of their originally shaped windows. There is a reason why some people consider glass houses works of art. If you're looking for a space with an elegant feel, our glass houses are the solution. They are made of durable and resistant materials that can be combined into different shapes to match your vision.

The laminated skylight roof is equipped with an optional skylight shading system that includes Serena® automation to allow you to fully control the lighting while you relax at your glass house.


Key Features


Unique design


360 degree view day and night

Customized shading integration available