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Folding doors

Plastic folding doors are perfect for people who prize space and comfort. Thanks to the doors much precious space might be saved and made the most of. They can be used in residential buildings (kitchens, rooms, and wardrobes), offices and backup facilities.

The doors give a greater living space in the area in which it is installed, in addition to being an object of high aesthetic value. The doors are corrosion resistance and the sliding system is made to last a long time.

Euro Systems doors competitive advantage is the high quality and beautiful design. We offer several different designs, so you can find a door suiting your home or interior design. The doors can be with small windows and come in a multiple colour variation. Also for the door knops, our selection is extensive and will satisfy any taste or design.

Key Features


Folding doors is great to segregate space


Euro Systems offers a variety of different colours which blend well with your interiors 


All our doors are of the highest European quality