Metal ceilings

Metal ceiling systems are designed for a variety of commercial, institutional and retail projects in both interior and exterior applications. The system has a wide range of options are available in the form of linear metal beams, open cell systems, dimensional baffles, durable metal panels, Lay In, Clip In, wood veneers, in decoratively stamped metal panels and much more.

Metal ceilings contain no fibres to create dust or dirt, which makes them ideal for dean-room environments such as high-tech labs, electronic equipment rooms and specialized interior health-care facilities. Most metal ceilings are also designed to provide easy plenum access. Steel and aluminium are the primary materials for today’s all-metal ceilings. Metal ceiling panels may be offered in several thicknesses, depending on the proposed application.

Perforations in many instances are available in metal systems to provide increased acoustical performance in, especially busy interiors. Perforated panel options may include a choice of perforation patterns as well as a choice of perforation sizes. A wide selection of metal ceiling options is perhaps the best assurance that a specifier will obtain a system with the proper features to ideally satisfy the requirements of a particular application. Metal ceilings come in an unlimited variety of colours and finishes directly from the manufacturer. Metal ceiling colours are often pre-matched to complement the variety of colours now being offered by fabric, carpeting, decorative laminate, furniture and other interior product manufacturers. Custom colour matching is also available.

Their long-lasting good looks, Acoustics and low maintenance characteristics have earned metal ceilings a reputation for outstanding durability in high-traffic areas such as airports, hotels, schools and shopping malls.

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