Why Should You Install Double Glazed Partition with Integrated Shades?

Thursday, Oct 7, 2021

In the GCC region, double glazed partitions have recently become a common requirement in commercial office spaces, especially in UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait. To further enhance privacy, clients now request shading as well. 

To install custom window shades in your office, you should carefully select the materials required to add functionality and elegance. Roller shades and Venetian blinds ensure privacy and maximum control over light and heat. Roller blinds are very easy to operate and can be pulled down or raised in a second at the touch of a button.  

Integrated Blinds refer to a sealed glass unit that has a blind sealed in-between. Windows or glass panes with built-in blinds can be operated manually or with a motorized electric system. The unit is supplied as a whole, comprising of blinds sealed between two panes of glass as a double-glazed partition unit. Our double-glazed integrated blinds from Euro Systems® can be integrated with Venetian and Roller Blinds.

1. Integrated Venetian Blinds 

Our integrated Venetian blinds offer a sleek and stylish appearance to your conference rooms or office space when integrated in a double-glazed partition. These blinds look particularly impressive with different slats finishes and offer a much more minimalist look.


Our range of Venetian blinds is available in different finishes and materials to ensure your design intent is fulfilled. One of the most common questions we get asked is whether our Venetian Blinds can be used in windows and glass partitions. The simple answer is yes. We can. Our ESGP-VB system consists of a double glass unit with integrated Venetian blinds offering the perfect combination for controlling privacy and sound blocking with a level of STC 45. Our ESGP® versatile glass partition profile widths range from 26mm to 125mm.

With an intrinsic focus on designing practical blinds combined with enhanced aesthetics, our integrated blinds range offers an array of stunning Venetian slats available in 25 and 35mm sizes. The double-glazed partition with blinds features no external cords and can be operated with remote or manually.

2. Integrated Roller Blinds

Roller shades are available in a wide array of fabrics, colours and patterns from which to choose. They fit almost any office design or in hotels where guests require more privacy. You can have these blinds customized to your office or hospitality project requirements, from neutral tones to bold colours. Roller blinds are a modern choice for businesses, especially in conference rooms and receptions. 

Integrated roller blinds in a double-glazed bathroom providing a pleasant guest experience with automated shades. 

Double-glazed Integrated roller shades in a bathroom providing a nice guest experience with automated shades as seen in the above

Our Integrated Blinds offer many benefits, including minimal maintenance, dust-free and energy efficiency properties. They also maintain privacy whilst allowing light in, especially when installed within a window or a French door. This blind system can be a great addition to wet rooms, such as bathrooms. The great thing about it is it cannot be physically touched, therefore cannot become damaged. Easy to operate, our integrated shades offer pets and child safety, too.

At Euro Systems®, we can provide you with the solution of double-glazed glass with integrated roller shades. This can also be installed as a double-glazed shower enclosure with a roller shade that automatically raises and lower at the touch of a button.

Our glazing solutions combined with integrated shades provide specific features. However, all of them can easily become a stylish statement for any business. With the variety of options available, it will be easier to find suitable blinds that improve your internal space.

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