About Us

Euro Systems is a systems solution provider company. In a span of 10 years, Euro Systems Group have become a leading choice of architects and designers across the entire World.

The group specializes in Interior, Exterior, Passive Fire Protection along with Aluminum and Glazing. With a large range of products and services to choose from, the group caters and is involved in various different scales of projects across the region. Since the start of our first company, our growth has been secured by our passion to give aesthetic and functional design to our customers across the region and beyond. We consistently deliver the best available solutions and products available in the market.

Our engineers continuously strive to optimize our current product portfolio and develop new bespoke solutions based on global trends and the creative ideas of architects and designers. Limitation is only a state of mind that can be changed.

Today Euro Systems Group consists of four companies, with the United Kingdom being our headquarters. Euro Systems Group employ a highly international work force of more than 350 people.


Our MD's Message

Mohamed Fiaz Khazi, Managing Director

Dear friends,
Looking back at the first 10 years with Euro Systems, I am delighted to express my gratitude to all our employees and customers for getting to this landmark in our history. When we started out in 2007, we were only a few employees producing roller shutter and now we have 350 employees who are part of our family. As of today, Euro Systems Group consists of 5 companies and a vast product line for interior, exterior, passive fire protection along with aluminium and glazing. Today we are serving the construction and interior decoration industry in several regions across the globe. The main reason for our success is the dedication and hard work of our employees, many of them have been with us on this journey since the beginning. Euro Systems Group is more than just an organization with employees, it is a big family spread all over the World, which makes it a unique experience to come to the office every day. Our passion for design leads us to work with architects in realizing their dreams with the highest standards of quality. I look forward to the next 10 years with Euro Systems Group and our employees in achieving our goals together to develop a safe and responsible future.


Euro Systems Group has been able to grow and expand into the group it is today due to the foundation laid out by the top management by putting customers first and providing high quality of products and service. By embracing the latest shift in market trends and adapting to the growing advancement in technology, Euro Systems Group has been at the forefront of innovation and have managed to become pioneers in the industry. Our ethos to be creative and keep improving has put us in the strong position we are at today.

Our ethos to be creative and keep improving has put us in the strong position we are at today. Some of our key strength points include;



At Euro Systems we manufacture architectural products that reduce the environmental impact of buildings in the GCC region with high-end quality and service. Together with our worldwide innovative partners and our customer in mind we solve multiple problems with simplicity yet aesthetically.

We encourage everyone to get involved in all processes of our business to grow on every level. Values like honesty and openness is fundamental to our international family of employees.

Our goal is to finance our growth by continuously investing our revenue in state of the art production equipment and product development to shape the future of a sustainable living.


We aim to be the preferred choice of architects all over the World by providing innovative architectural solutions of premium quality utilizing products of low environmental impact.

Core Values

Putting Customers First
Our employees take your point of view and deliver high quality products and services at competitive prices. 

We believe in breaking down a problem to the sum of its components and solving it effectively. We prioritize and focus on a small number of the most important issues to you.

Sharing Knowledge
Not everybody knows everything, but someone always does. Together we know more than as compared to individuals.

We always look for new ways to solve problems and approach challenges as opportunities.

We believe in honesty with our clients. Our dedicated employees will always give you their experienced opinion and share their insights without any hesitation.